OCT 3, 2013

Why have people fallen in love with Instagram photos?

If you thought Instagram was only for young and trendy hipsters then you were wrong.  The images that can be produced on the mobile app are fun and stylish and have an air of nostalgia about them that can be enjoyed by anyone.

The mobile phone app now has over 150 million monthly active users ranging from proud grandparents to children, businesses and brands.  On average 55 million photos are shared on Instagram per day and from there they can also be shared on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

In case you happen to be an Amish hermit and have never heard of Instagram let us explain the premise behind the app.  Instagram is a social media platform whereby instead of updating your status with words you update with photos.  Each user has their own ‘photo stream’ that their ‘followers’ can see, other users can ‘like’ and comment on their photos.  Users take photos on their smart phones and then upload them to Instagram, once they’ve been uploaded they can be cropped, borders can be added, and the user can choose from a range of filters to put over their photos.  The filters change the colours, brightness and contrast of the photos to produce stylish, effective and striking images very easily.

Instagram has gained massive popularity because it is simple and shareable.  The interface is attractive and easy to use and allows users to share photos of things that they can see, people they’re with, and places they’re at with an audience immediately.  Users also get a great sense of satisfaction when they see photos they’ve taken become something artistic by simply cropping and adding a filter.

At U2 Canvas we have recognised the huge potential of the phenomenon that is Instagram and offer our customers a way of proudly displaying their Instagram snaps in their home.  Simply login to Instagram through our website and you can turn your stylish digital Instagram snaps into a real canvas that can be displayed in your home.  Why not print lots of small square canvas Instagram prints and create a stunning collage in your home so you can enjoy your Instagram photos every day.

Created on 3rd October 2013
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