DEC 12, 2013

Places to feel inspired for personalised canvas printing

Where would you go if you wanted to take pictures for personalised canvas printing? We’ve thought of these ideas for you to take away for free at U2 Canvas.

  • Food festivals: Want to create a canvas print for your kitchen and looking for a little inspiration? Pay a visit to a food festival, craft show or some other event where fresh food is prepared and put on display. Arm yourself with your trusty camera and take close-up pictures of cupcakes, deli food, herbs and spices, snap a selection of cheeses if you like. They’ll look fabulous on a personalised canvas print, just make sure you get the stall owner’s permission before you start snapping away.  

  • Seaside: Head to the beach if you want to take pictures for your bathroom, you’ll find an ocean of treasure littered along the coast. Spend time snapping crabs in rock pools, capture the sun glistening off the surface of the water or shoot close-ups of sandcastles with flags or windmills sticking out of the top.  

  • Countryside: Scenic snaps of the country are great for dining room settings, especially if you take pictures during the autumn or winter months. The scenery changes dramatically at this time of year, you could capture the rich hues of leaves turning red and golden in the autumn or snap a sleepy little village covered in a blanket of snow during the winter instead.  

  • Garden: Pop into your garden during the summer and take pictures of flowers, they’ll look gorgeous as canvas prints in the lounge. Floral pictures add a sense of brightness to a room, you can carefully choose flowers that match your colour scheme or provide a contrast on a feature wall.

  • City centre: Take a trip into town if you want to take urban pictures, they look cool in home offices. Pictures of architecture, taxis, buses and the metropolis in general work well in domestic offices and it’s an inspirational way to bring personalised canvas printing to life.

Created on 12th December 2013
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