DEC 12, 2013

Pick the right picture for perfect results when printing photos on canvas

We know how striking and vibrant canvas art is at U2 and we also know how vital it is to choose the right photo when you are creating something special for your home. There are various methods you can adopt when you decide to create a feature for your walls and this blog examines some of the tactics to deploy to achieve the perfect result.

  • Use good quality images: Upload a 2 megapixel picture and expect dazzling results and you could be sorely disappointed. Generally, the lower the pixel image the poorer the quality is going to be. Therefore, be practical and understand you might like the snap you have captured on your mobile phone but unless the camera quality is around 5 megapixels or higher, the canvas print quality will be affected.

  • Customise pictures room by room: Every room in your property is different, the chances are the bedroom décor looks nothing like the lounge. So be choosy with the prints you use for individual rooms, landscape pictures of the Lake District might look great in your lounge but they’ll have the opposite effect in your boudoir. Funky snaps of flowers add brightness to landings and kitchens, water-themed pictures introduce peace and serenity to bathroom settings. Snaps of building blocks make a great addition to a child’s nursery, but they’ll look out of place in your dining room, so select pictures on a room by room basis.   

  • Size isn’t everything: Surely that’s a myth? Actually it’s not. Some pictures look great when they are stretched to mammoth proportions, others overpower the room. Think carefully before you decide to blow up that quirky image of ‘hundreds of jelly beans’, will they be a little too much for the eyes and the brain to handle when they are committed to a 60” x 40” print? Sometimes smaller is better (really?) when you are choosing a picture to print on canvas, subtle can look super as well!

Created on 12th December 2013
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