FEB 10, 2014

Inspirational ideas for canvas art

One of our earlier blogs gave you some ideas of places to find inspiration for canvas prints but do you really have to travel far to find themes that are suitable for canvas prints? We don’t think so at U2 Canvas, there are plenty of ideas waiting to capture the imagination at home, like the themes in this list for example.

  1. Kids – Tiny tots make great little models, especially if you take pictures right after nap time and your little soldier is full of beans. Take pictures of your little ones when they are young and you can preserve these images for life and immortalise those junior years on the walls of your home.  

  2. Pets – Animals make brilliant subjects for canvas prints too. Whether you have puppies and kittens, budgies or rabbits, get snapping with your camera and you might just capture that cheeky, adorable shot that’ll look amazing on your wall.  

  3. Elders – Got a canvas print of your mum, dad or grandparents on your wall? If not, why not? Take pictures of those special people in your life, they won’t be around forever so have a permanent keepsake on the walls of your home.

  4. Hobbies – What are you passionate about? Does dad look tinkering about with his classic MG car at the weekend? Take a few close-up snaps of his car. Those images will look great in a study, home office or the wall in the garage.  

  5. Holiday pics – Take a look at all those digital images you took on holiday. Bet there’s bound to be more than one that would lovely as a canvas print. How about that picture taken in your favourite sea-facing restaurant in Sardinia or the snaps you took of Central Park in the winter when you last visited New York?

Pictures opportunities are everywhere, the more snaps you take the greater number of ideas you have for canvas prints.

Created on 10th February 2014
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