DEC 16, 2013

How to take cracking Christmas photos for canvas prints

Christmas is a time for merriment, it’s also the perfect occasion to capture a few priceless pictures that could easily be turned into canvas prints. Taking the perfect picture after one too many glasses of sherry isn’t easy though so we’ve compiled this Xmas picture taking guide so you stop taking turkeys and create a few Christmas crackers!

Keep batteries charged: You never know when the perfect photo opportunity is going to rear its head over Christmas so always be on your guard. Don’t miss the moment because your camera’s batteries are flat or you are searching for AA’s in the kitchen drawer. Charge your camera up or keep disposable batteries close by so you are never caught short.

Adopt a snap-happy attitude! There’s no such thing as taking too many photos at Christmas, the whole of the festive season presents a number of photo opportunities. Snap the kids dressing the Christmas tree, their reactions when they open their presents on Xmas morning and the look on their faces when they see the size of the turkey you have cooked this year.

Take pictures earlier on: If you have guests arriving for Christmas dinner take a group shot before everyone tucks into their turkey. This way they’ll be looking their best before they have a few tipples, you can’t guarantee the quality of the picture if you leave it until everyone has had a few glasses of fizz.  

Be creative with shots: Get up close and personal with various objects around the house. Baubles, coloured lights, bowls of sweets and table decorations look gorgeous when captured in an intimate fashion. Take a tour of your house from an ‘outsider’s’ points of view, try to view photographic subjects in a different light.    

Get out and about with your camera: There are a world of photographic opportunities outside your front door so get into the festive spirit and take pictures wherever you can. Capture brass bands playing festive tunes, carol singers in the glow of lanterns, the humongous tree in the town square. Armed with your trusty camera you should find plenty of inspiration for picture taking over Christmas, have fun and get into the festive spirit!

Created on 16th December 2013
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