OCT 2, 2013

Five ways to display your photo canvases in your home

In today’s digital age it’s far too easy for our photos to live stashed away as .jpg or .gif files on our computers and never see the light of day.   Photos are a beautiful way of remembering precious moments that we’ve shared with loved ones and canvases are a striking and eye-catching way of displaying our favourite photos around our homes.  When you display photo canvases around your home you get to look at your favourite photos and enjoy them every single day to really get the most out of them. 

Once you’ve had one photo canvas printed we guarantee that you’ll just keep wanting more, so we’ve come up with five different ways of displaying photo canvases around your home.

Canvas sequence - If you’ve got lots of photos from one memorable event or day in your life then why not print off a few of your favourites all in the same size canvas and display them side by side as a sequence?   The pictures can be as similar or as different as you like.  For example you could create a sequence that depicts different parts of your wedding day, one picture of the bride getting ready, one of the ceremony, a staged photo, one of the meal and one of the reception party.  In contrast you could choose one striking photo that you have a number of different shots of to use in your sequence.  A good example of this could be a sequence of photos of a new born baby, each one showing a different expression on the baby’s face.

Canvas collage - Photo collages are becoming very popular in the home at the moment.  If you look at a lot of contemporary interior design images you will see that collages of mismatching framed photos in the living room, on the stairs or in the hallway is a popular look.  A neater, cleaner and more professional version of this is to use a mixture of different sized canvases in your collage instead of framed photos. 

Feature wall - If you have one striking photo that you would like displayed in a room in your home then why not get it printed on a very large canvas and use the print as a feature wall and focal point for your room.  If you choose the correct image then the results can be vivid and breathtaking.

Split canvases - If you have one image that you’d like displayed in a room but you want something a little different to one ordinary canvas then why not get your image split over two or more canvases.  Split canvases make a stylish and contemporary way of displaying photos in either homes or businesses.

Shelves – If you prefer to work on a smaller scale or if you’re working with a modest budget then at U2 Canvas we print photos onto canvases as small as 8” by 8”.  These small sized canvases are perfect for propping up on a shelf or on your fireplace.  For fans of the smart phone app Instagram it’s easy to login to your account through the link on our website and order small canvas prints of your Instagram images.

Created on 2nd October 2013
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