OCT 3, 2013

Five tips for creating photographs with great composition

Photography is all about using your own artistic interpretation of the things that you see around you to capture beautiful memories.  There is no right or wrong way of taking photographs, however if you want to take photos that are visually stunning then it’s good to have some basic knowledge about composition.  Photographs that stand out always have great composition. Good composition makes the subject of your photograph clear, your photos will look more thought out, artistic, and aesthetically pleasing.  Here are five of our top tips for creating photographs with great composition.

Simplicity - One thing that a lot of stunning photos have in common is their simplicity.  When you look at a well composed photo you will immediately be aware of what the focus of the image is as it won’t look overcrowded or confusing.   The simpler your photos are the bigger the impact the subject of your photo will make.

Fill the frame - Make sure that the subject of your photo fills the frame and there is not wasted extra space around the edge as this can detract from the subject.  If there is too much of empty space around your subject it can cause your subject to look smaller and lose some of its impact.  Move closer to your subject or use the zoom function on your camera if necessary to ensure that you are filling the frame.

Avoid the middle - Beginner photographers are often tempted to put the subject of their photo exactly in the middle of the frame, but this doesn’t always make the best photo.  Photos where the subject is completely central can end up looking a little bland and static, experiment with shooting your subject away from the centre and getting a feel for how to still visually balance out your photo.

Use lines - When you start looking for lines in your photos you’ll be able to find them everywhere.  Every photo that you take will have lines, whether it’s the horizon under a sunset, a road winding away into the distance, a row of houses or a set of shelves.  Using the lines that you will find in your frame to help to direct attention in your photo and find the focal point is a very important part of composition.  Lines can also help to give a photo depth and a sense of perspective.

Background - The background of your photo is just as important as your photo’s subject.  A crowded, busy, or distracting background can ruin a photo’s composition and distract from the subject of the photo.  A simple and unobtrusive background can help to make the subject of your photo look more striking.  Often all you need to do is change your position or your angle in order to find a less cluttered and background that won’t detract from your subject.

Created on 3rd October 2013
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