DEC 16, 2013

4 ways to hang canvas prints

Take delivery of a new canvas print and you want to display it straight away but how do you mount the frame to the wall? This challenge is easily overcome using a number of different methods, some of which we have highlighted in this latest blog.

  • Wire: Attach a length of wire inside the frame of the canvas print a quarter of the way down. You can fix the wire into place using a couple of screw hooks, simply tie the wire to the head of the screws. Pull the wire tight and you can place the canvas onto a screw or a nail you tapped into the wall earlier.

  • Mirror plates: Another option is so attach mirror plates to the outside or the inside of the frame, this is a good alternative that works. Mirror plates are cheap to buy from any store that sells DIY spares so they’re easy to come across. Fixing the plates to the outside of the frame is the easiest option but if you want to conceal the plates it’s best to attach them to the inside of the frame prior to hanging on a couple of screws.

  • Command strips: Self-adhesive strips are another avenue to explore if you don’t want to hammer or drill a wall. Simply stick the strips the frame of the canvas print and secure the picture to the wall for fuss-free installation. Command strips are good for hanging smaller pictures and great because you can remove them easily without damaging the wall.

  • No more nails tape: The ‘No More Nails’ range produce a wide variety of products designed for adhesive purposes and their tape range is particularly strong. It’s similar to Command strips in many respects and suitable for hanging signs and canvas picture frames. Use this method to fix canvas pictures in place and make life easier for yourself.

Created on 16th December 2013
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