DEC 16, 2013

4 decisions you have to make when you order canvas prints

We’ve printed a fair few canvas prints over the years at U2Canvas and it never ceases to amaze us how creative our customers are with their photographic skills. It’s a joy to see your pictures brought to life on canvas prints but there are a few decisions to make before you can display pictures on your wall. These are just a few of the thoughts that might cross your mind.

  • Which photo? The first thing you need to decide is the image you are going to use. This is the time to go through your back catalogue of images, they might be stored on your phone, tablet or PC. Take your time choosing the picture, think about the room you want to display it in and pick an appropriate image.

  • Which print company? Once you know which picture you want to use it’s time to choose a canvas printing company. Hopefully you’ll be happy with the look of our website and want to give our services at U2Canvas a try. Should you decide to shop elsewhere though look for a professional print service that’s well-established in the industry and has plenty of testimonials from past customers.

  • Size of canvas? Happy with your choice of print company? It’s time to pick the size of the canvas. Use a good quality image taken with a high resolution camera and size shouldn’t be problem, you can order a canvas as large as you like. Large walls are crying out for a feature canvas but smaller prints look just as affective bunched together as well. Consider how much space you have to play with and choose a canvas accordingly.

  • Special effects? Got the size nailed? Good, now it’s time to think about customising the canvas to make it more personal. You can try a pop art effect for a funky look or sepia for moody or romantic pictures. Black and white pictures look great with a little splash of colour to highlight certain features, just leave the rest of the picture in monochrome.

These are just a few of the thoughts that’ll run through your mind when you order canvas prints online but that’s all part of the fun!!

Created on 16th December 2013
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